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Friday, February 3, 2012

Leaving Korea

On Saturday, February 4, we will travel from South Korea back to Alabama.  This time has passed so very fast.  We are excited as we look forward to seeing our children, our grandchildren, our church family, and friends back home.  But, saying goodbye to the wonderful friends we have made in Korea is sad.  

We had several nice farewell meals with some of our students' families.

A home cooked meal

Last week of classes. We will miss our sweet students.

And the boys too.

They are all really great kids 

Last services at church and at the mission center. 

Wednesday night prayer meeting.

This past month has flown by so fast, this is just a short blog as we say goodbye.  We hope to do at least one more farewell post after we get home.   

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 in Korea


This was the first Christmas without our entire family of 15 being together.  We are truly thankful for the technology of Skype, but Skype-hugs just are not adequate.  

However, this large box helped us through.   It arrived on Monday of Christmas week from our home church in Bessemer, Alabama.  They know us pretty well and  supplied many of our favorite things.  Chocolate, divinity, and peppermint help to make the season bright.  The fresh pecans were great.  The candy canes with the legend wrappers were given to the children at the mission center.  

 Yes that is fresh home made apple butter just behind the stack of cards.  Many of the cards were created by the members of the Children's Church.  

Another very nice gift of food (we say a pounding) was given to us the same week.  There were 3 bags of rice (23 pounds total) and 2 containers of kimchi.  This is special because this family grew the rice and made the kimchi. One tub is radish and the other is cabbage.  Each is colored red and flavored like fire by red peppers.  


We had a Christmas party for the students and families of our 27 English students and the mission center attendees.  Those of you who know Sheila, will recognize the wedding cookies, pecan tarts, cheese wafers, deviled eggs, fudge, and ham and cheese croissants.  The green punch was a favorite.

The gingerbread house kit (from that big box from Bessemer) was a neat addition to the table.
 We did not get an accurate count, but estimate there were about 75 people who attended.  They heard the children sing the fun Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and We Wish you a Merry Christmas, and also Happy Birthday Jesus and Go Tell It On The Mountain.

The too-thin Santa with a Welsh accent caused us all to chuckle 

All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

Creating a Christmas craft at the mission center.

Posing with Teacher Sheila and Teacher Gene

Saying Good Bye at the public school, since they will be on winter break 
until after the time for us to leave Korea. 

Christmas at the local church

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Special Lunch

Christmas Snow

Pastor Choe's Church 

Our busy kitchen on Christmas day

Christmas dinner

Traditional Clothes at Church

Monday, December 12, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Merry Christmas
(Spelled out in Chocolate)

Korean food that tastes good and looks good
The Im family treated us to this fine meal where the food was a work of art.  We should have counted - there must have been 40 different items served.  

The 2 boys across from us are students in our most advanced class.  They speak very good English.  The boy (striped sleeves) and his sister (nearest the camera) are faithful attendees of our church services at the mission center.  

At the Mission Center

Over the recent Sundays we have been studying the events surrounding the birth of Christ.  This girl is putting her "Love" ornament on the tree.
Since this photo was taken, Shepherds, Sheep, and Wise Men have joined Jesus, Mary, and Joseph under the tree.  During one of the midweek English classes, it was good to hear one of the boys telling a student from a Buddhist home "That is Joseph, that is Mary, and that is Jesus".

James giving us a violin performance after Sunday service.

Even half way round the world there are still decorations to be put up.  

 Snow in Iksan 
On December 9 and 10,  it snowed almost all day, but did not accumulate.  
We do expect to see more snow.  The latitude here is about the same as Louisville, KY.

House Guests
From Thursday afternoon through Saturday noon, we had 2 delightful guests.  Au Jin (age 10) and Chris (age 15).  Their dad, a college classmate of Yang Hee, pastors a church on Jeju Island.   Families want as much English exposure as possible for their children, so that is how this visit came about.  

Chris is Home Schooled, which is not common here.  His English is better than anyone his age we have met in Korea.  He wants to go to college in the USA, return to Korea, become a teacher, and start a school.  He is an inspiring young man.  

Sheila and AuJin starting the chocolate chip cookies.  

 Chris helping out.

 Ready for the oven.  

Warm cookies, Milk, and a game of Apples to Apples

 Au Jin delighted to have made it so difficult for Gene's turn.
It was our pleasure to have "Grandkids" again for a few days.  

English Classes
Students learning Christmas Carols for our
program for their parents on December 23

 These boys can really belt out "Go Tell It On The Mountain"